Monday, December 31, 2007

I wish for all of you what I wish for myself: a Happy,Prosperous & Rewarding New Year to You & Yours!
'nuff said!

Saturday, December 29, 2007


I guess I knew that no one would want to read my blog and I was (mostly) right! But, I continue because I am gearing up for some new & exciting projects in the new year, one of which will involve this blog. I talk about my life here but leave many of the details out, to protect my and others privacy. That won't change (unless a Really juicy story comes out of it!) I deal with an Urban population at work & a suburban at home. The disparity is amazing as are the similarities. Players are Players, it doesn't matter if they are running the drug operation on the street or an educated professional, advising clients on how to avoid oversight, regulation or even paying (deserved) alimony & Child Support. The Attitude is the same, even if all the other details are different.

There are many New York(s), Theres the bright, sunny financial capital of the world the cultural Mecca, the tourist destination. There are others. There's the New York I work in, dirty, dangerous with Players, Hookers, Addicts & Dealers mingling with those who Don't make their living in the Aboveboard Economy and "regular" folks, trying to eake a living out of businesses and government that doesn't care and are caught up in the system. A Town without pity .

There's also the area I live in: suburban, mostly well off, very little crime but it too has it's secrets. Because of my work schedule (way too many hours) I don't get to spend as much time here as I'd like. I like living here. I have deer that regularly graze in my backyard, Wild Turkeys and a lot of Peace & Quiet! I am Very Lucky! I hope to put more of what I experience out there because I find it Interesting & I think so will you. Tell me what you think (if you want)

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Tomorrow, I am going to wake up filled with Energy & ready to face the day.
" " " " I am going to have Tea & Granola for breakfast.
" " " " I am going to clean out the car, trunk & all and organize my stuff.
" " " " I am going to meet my mom for lunch, I will give her her Christmas gifts, compliment
her on her card & try not to lose my mind for the few hours we will spend together.
" " " " I will return the overdue library books, order more shift calendars for my fellow
employees, straighten out my closet & pay the bills.
" " " " I will sign up for volunteer ambulance shifts next month,call my teacher & arrange to
meet him in the next week, work out the amount of money I'll need for my next
project, pack up the Christmas stuff for next year.
" " " " I will find out about going to the motorcycle show this weekend to check out what's
new and drool at all the things I'd like.
" " " " I'm going to have a little "me" time.
" " " " I'm going to call my friends & maybe get together later, making sure I have their
gifts wrapped.
Sometimes I wish I had just stayed in bed reading.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Uh, What day is it again?

I got home @7:15 this morning, after dropping off Bagels & Cream Cheese to the local ER- we all get stuck & it's my tradition- & went to bed- my significant other came over & woke me 3 hours later-"let's open our presents together!" I believe I said something rude because she left and I awoke alone. I really need my sleep! I'm going to take a quick shower/shave and head back to work for another 16 hours of fun & frolic- Merry Christmas to those of you who get to celebrate it and Good Luck to all the folks like me who don't. ( Paramedics, Cops Firemen Doctors, Nurses etc...)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Line of the Day:

"I'm just fine. I'm more embarrassed then anything." the 85year old nun sitting on the floor said as we walked in the door of the convent.

" Sister, if I had a nickel for every time I heard That story. Party Animal!"-me
Quadruple Duty!

Today's To Do List:

Wake up at the ungodly hour of 5:45 (in the Rain) to get ready for:
A- Check the Bus out &
B- Sign out a radio so I can

Return to my house and get same ready for holiday party later today while being available for volunteer ambulance duty from 7-noon; return radio and head to work from 2-10p while I make sure that distribution of next years' shift calandars is proceeding apace.

need a nap.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Price of Fame. . .

A fellow Blogger, Paperlilies is being noticed by the local media in her city (London) She is very excited about it as would most of us would probably be. I worry for her 'tho as I don't believe she is ready for all the Attention (wanted or no) that will come her way. Very few of us are. As a Civil Servant in my city (NY) I have seen what unwarranted attention can do to people- people I have known. I would spare her that pain but unfortunately, I can't. Perhaps everything Will go well, who is to say? But in my limited experience; that isn't the Norm. I wish her well & hope for the Best...

Monday, December 17, 2007

AAHH! Another Perfect Day!

I worked a double shift last night & went to bed this morning.I woke around 12:30pm, got dressed, went out to my car & discovered my rear tire was flat! FTW! I just bought it 2 months ago! I got my tiny compressor going, re-inflated and brought it to the tire store. It wasn't the tire. My rim has cracked! they patched it but told me to get another one Soon! I was late 2 hours but informed my boss so-no problems-. Tomorrow ( read later today) I'll have to make a Pilgrimage to Hunts Point Auto Parts in search of another matching alloy rim. I can't really complain, after all, these rims have lasted 150,000+ miles. Thank God it didn't just fail while driving!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Sometimes it's Fun to be a paramedic. It allows you to go & do things you'd never be doing otherwise. Yesterday, I busted out the window of a car to get to the person, unconscious inside, I genuinely helped sereral older people retain their dignity,showed another few how the Game is played and other than coughing up a storm and not eating anything good, I enjoyed yesterday. I fell right asleep when my head hit the pillow.

Friday, December 14, 2007

I hope to always tell the truth-no matter how much it hurts...

In my job as well as my life, I am forced by both ethics & decency to tell the truth. You may be hoping against hope that our doing CPR and giving drugs to your loved one will do the trick and return them to the land of the living. It doesn't always work that way. There are many problems that cannot be fixed at all- even if it were to occur in a hospital with doctors standing right there. If possible, I try to prepare the family for that outcome. I wouldn't want it any other way myself. To my way of thinking, it is the Respect that all people are entitled to.

Which brings me to my next point. Would you tell someone the Hard truth if you had to? Even if Everyone else thought ill of you for it? It's not easy to be the bad guy. Many folks I know will dance around the question or change the subject; or even tell someone what they (think) they want to hear. I keep thinking of the lyric:"you've got to be Cruel to be Kind, in the right measure" I Never want to be Cruel-only Honest.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

More about the EDP-Emotionally Disturbed Person

The EMS system I work in is soon to change the Protocol, allowing for the use of Chemical Restraints by Paramedics in EDP's I'm of two minds about this. On the Whole, I don't have a problem giving someone something to calm them down- It has been used regularly by the Medical & Psychiatric community. My particular issue(s) revolve around how the inevitable death of such a patient will be handled. Notice I said inevitable.

Since there are Many reasons why someone might act out, correct & effective dosing is largely a Crapshoot. People can have a psychotic break, believe their life is in Danger, be Overdosed on more than one drug or other substance, be suicidal/homicidal etc... That's not counting the many Medical reasons such as Low Blood Sugar (diabetes), tumors (remember the Texas tower?) trauma and Hypoxia-all of which can cause aberrant behavior. I have been tossed around the back of an Ambulance by a guy who was 5' tall and about 110 pounds. (I'm not a small guy) I know and have been present when someone was given something to calm them down and went into Cardiac Arrest almost immediately. (They didn't make it)

If the standard Q &A format is used and the Medic(s) in Question have consulted a Control Physician prior to dosing, then there won't be a problem. But I also know how such an incident will play out in the Media if such an incident happened. One has only to look at the coverage of Police EDP incidents to see that Politics will get in the way & I for one don't want to see myself or anyone else get Fried by the System for doing the Right Thing. There will be a Real Effort to hold someone accountable.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Regret Nothing.

Enjoy Life as much as you can for as long as you can. For No One is Guarantied Tomorrow, We all grow up thinking we have all the time in the World. But this is Not the truth. It is Madness to do the same thing over & over again and expect different results. Pay the Future it's just Due but Live Now!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Who would Jesus Shoot?

Imagine: You get up on a Sunday morning, get nicely dressed and go to your favorite Huge church to hear the words of the Prince of Peace spoken by a minister who moves you. There is some sort of commotion, you hear a great BOOM! and the next thing you know you're lying on the floor with a bullet in your chest, fired by the Rent-a-Cop who watches the donation box, who shot at someone else & hit you. Is this the Message Jesus spent his life preaching about? I think this also applies to Muslims who are caught in between Radical Islamists and the message of Peace and Salvation that the Prophet preached. Whose side is God on anyway?

Anyone who Believes that they are doing God's work by Killing, Torturing and Maiming others clearly doesn't have a clue about what God wants, as expressed by nearly every Prophet & religion. These are Sick, Damaged & Warped individuals who cannot live with others. That we collectively cannot seem to have the Will to demand the Capture and Imprisonment of these "people" says Volumes about just how far we all are from Grace. I Pray for the Enlightenment of the Soul for Everyone.P.S. read Paperlilies

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Excuse me whilst I die from exhaustion.

Yes, It's Official: I'm an Idiot. I just managed to work both of my days off & while the 25 hours OT will come in Handy, I still have the Dreaded cough from 2 weeks ago! I'm on Anti-biotics and am hoping this, too shall pass. I have been running myself ragged to max out my salery for some unknown reason. I hope you are not doing the same thing; it's No Good!

I did manage to have a bit of fun at my partners' expense. A patient was hitting on her, telling her she looked real good & how does she do it. She was polite but I said in a low voice: "it's the Blood." "What?" "It's the Blood of the Young Virgin boys she mixes with her Bustello in the morning- I think she will live Forever." "You can't mean that!" " Sir, I'm her partner, I know all about the little bottle of Blood she carries with her & mixes in her coffee- I've got no problem with it 'cause I'm not a Virgin." She stood there with her mouth open, agast. Who says you can't have Fun at work? I'm going to Bed now. Later.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Why Mental Illness Treatment and Monitoring Matters...

I'm hearing about the shooting incident in Oklahoma involving a mentally unbalanced young man who had been thrown out of his home, fired from his job (Mc Donalds!) had his girlfriend break up with him who then stole his step fathers' AK47 & went on a killing spree in a mall, killing 8 & wounding 5 before turning the gun on himself. He left a note claiming to be sorry but ended it by saying "Now I will be Famous."

The Outer picture is of someone who Snapped (a la Michael Douglas in Falling Down) The Truth is Both Darker and more troubling. The Obvious signs that he was De Compensating were missed by everyone around him; folks who should have been Alert to the fact that he was Unable or Unwilling to help himself in even the most Basic ways. This was or should have been easily recognizable, given his history of Treatment for Suicidal ideation. Where were the folks who should have been looking out for this?

The whole area of treatment of the Mentally Ill is rife with stories of "be on the lookout for..." There has to be a better way to monitor those at risk, in order to Protect the Public And the Patient as well as not violate their Rights to Privacy. Be sure to look at the Investigation that will surely follow this Tragedy. It will be Enlightening (I Know I used Capital letters a Lot in this for Emphasis-men tend to do this more than women but I think it's Appropriate given the subject matter)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Another Moment

This morning I woke up to it snowing outside my window! Not much is coming down, kinda dreamily falling so it's way cool. I went into the bathroom to perform my morning abultions and when I walked into my kitchen/dining room I saw a starling perched on top of one of the chairs. I have No idea how it got in! All the doors & windows are closed and the only way in is through the kicthen vent, which I would not have thought a bird would go. He? & I stared at each other for a few seconds, neither of us moving then he flew around the room into the study. I opened a window and moved away. He flew back in and after several flights around the room, found the open window and flew out! WOW!

I wonder, maybe something is being said to me. I wonder if I should get a bird for a pet? I don't know anything about them. Still Coughing

Friday, November 30, 2007

Another WTC Funeral

Tomarrow morning, I will get dressed in my Class"A" Uniform, drive down to the Bronx to pick up my old partner, Tim, Then head out to Staten Island to attend the funeral of Lt. Brian Ellicott who, on Sept 11th, was an EMT in Station 11 and worked over 100 hours in Ground Zero in the first two weeks alone. He developed a Non-Hodgkins type lymphoma in his chest, that spread to his back, causing paralysis from the chest down. He leaves behind a wife and 2 children. It will be Cold, but yet we lay another resuer down for WTC-related illness and the fund the Government created to assist us will controvert EVERY case, refusing to pay any monies because they "want to be sure the those monies are appropriately spent"

I sit here, coughing, hoping it's just a Cold & I'll get better and wondering what will happen if it doesn't. I already know that; even when presented with Compelling Proof, the Pension Board will drag it's feet ( The last guy that got a WTC related 3/4 pension didn't live long enough to cash his First check!) and Knowing that this City, that I work for, This State that I'm a Resident of and this Country really doesn't Care. I'm sure they want all of us to simply Fade Away. I'll be there because I was there.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ah, What a Great Day to be Sick!

Thank God that it's my RDO-Regular Days Off as I'm coughing up a storm. I got the slightly narcotic cough syrup from the Doc but it only lasts 4 hours & the dosing is every 6! I guess hot tea, Ricola and rest wil be the order of the day. Does anyone have a better remedy for cough out there? Let me know.

Monday, November 26, 2007

A Primer: PCP-Phencyclidine

The other night, I had to deal with yet another Fine Upstanding Citizen (or FUC as I like to call them) on PCP. It is resurfacing after years of being quite scarce and we should all be concerned. It was developed in the 1950's as an anaesthetic but was stopped being used in humans in 1965 because patients became agitated, delusional & irrational from it's effects. (From the NIDA website) I believe it is still used as a large animal tranquilizer (Bears, Tigers & the like) but I can't find anything that says so.

I hope those of you reading this never have to come into contact with someone on Angel Dust. These folks are a Danger to themselves and others & unfortunately, are EMS cases. That you will have to end up calling for backup is a given. That you will have to help in restraining them is almost certain. They can and have shrugged off repeated Tazer darts I have witnessed. I have no other comments.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I think I'm getting a Cold. I had the Flu shot 3 weeks ago so it can't be that. I spent most of the morning in bed, knowing that I have pre-scheduled OT tonite, so I can't back out. I hope that the Restorative Powers of a Hot Shower, Fresh, off the line clothing and a good Lunch with Motrin will work. Wish me Luck!

Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm going back to bed!

After yet another marathon work session, my boss found someone to work the overnight last night (I was fully prepared to stay) & I finally got a night's rest. I learned that I was stronger than I knew. That said, I'm going back to bed; avoiding all the "black friday" nonsense Bloody Tourists! Hope you are all well and not falling for this cheap shopping "holiday"

Monday, November 19, 2007


I tasted the First snowflake of the Season! Whoopie!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I stopped by my bank this morning, to pick up some Moo-La and as I came back out, I noticed the trees and phone line were absolutely Packed with starlings, chirping away like crazy. I walked over to my car & did my bird whistle. All chattering stopped, as if all of them had wanted to hear me! Then another car pulled into the lot & without a sound they all took off at once, with an audible WOOSHH! That just took my breath away. Just for a second, I made a noise and the birds all stopped to listen! Magic!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Hi Ho!

I'm going back to riding with my local "jolly volly" ambulance corps this morning. I've been away for a while and the corps has gotten bigger but also I need to get my head"back in the Game" I'm sure all will be well. I had a decent couple a days off but I also need to start arranging things so I can make maximum money/ time off and clear the decks for next week too. Reading like crazy and working on my PSP.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cleaning: About as much fun as a Root Canal, but never done.

Who knew I had this much crap? Digging Pandora Radio- If you haven't checked it out-you should. Your own personal radio playing what you'd like without commercials. Free too. (you can subscribe but you don't have to) It's clear that I really need to organize/re-organize my stuff. All the equipment The City issues me, all the uniforms, PPE-Personal Protective Equipment It barely fits on the rack I had to buy to keep it all in one place!

I remember when I first started in EMS that getting blood (someone else's) on your shirt was a normal occurance. You'd use Hydrogen Peroxide to bleach it out. Now, you almost have to send it out to get Professionally Decontaminated. Granted, There's a lot more to worry about, especially in the area(s) where I work, and I admit that there's no such thing as too careful where Others are involved but I'm a simple sort- Wash it, blot it & keep moving. Some on my job have adopted the " I wear it all the time" attitude- That is just Nasty as far as I'm concerned Wear the appropriate gear to the task you are performing. Most often, thats a clean Uniform Gloves, glasses, shoes/boots and Respirtory protection only if called for.Wearing the sme gear, day after (stinky) day just turns me off.

I scored about a dozen CD's from a local Goodwill shop- Who knew someone would get rid of their entire collection-Police, Offspring Dean Martin compilation and a Regina Specktor CD I've never seen-Soviet Kitch. I really have to get the back memory set up so I can put it where I can hear it anytime. Anyway, enough blogging for today, time to get back to straightening out this mess I live in!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"What people did not reason into, they cannot be reasoned out of."

So, despite my best efforts at Not sabotaging myself, I've managed to screw up my personal life yet again. I wanted to go to PA for another learning session with my Mentor but this crazy OT business left me with neither the Energy or funds with which to do so. Yet again,I'll have to put it off for another week. I missed the birthday of my best friends' daughter but at least that is deal-able. I'm spending most of the day tomorrow putting my apartment back together (and my head) back on straight.

I was discussing some Union business with one of my odd (I meant Old) partners' early this morning as we were both up-he coming in for OT & me leaving work for home. Our preferred method is text messages and as Everyone knows, it is quite the challenge to text while driving My method is to count letters to pick the right ones without looking. Sometimes this leads to messages that are-not quite what I had in mind. I wanted to spell the sentence: It is a Hard Question but when I looked at it later, I sent: I is a Hard Quest mo. I can only hope he understood.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happpy Birthday, Kris Likey!!!

I plumb forgot to post my warmist birthday wishes to Kris Likey of I'm not a girl, yet not a wino
"It's not what you're called, It's what you answer to."

Sorry about not posting, it has been approx. 9 days since I came home at the end of an 8 hour day & was awake and able to fire up the computer. 9 consecutive 16 hour days with one 17 hour day (daylight savings) The first 2 (as always) are the hardest,re-setting the internal clock to fall asleep during the day and have enough energy at night. No exercise, other than what I get @ work (and no motivation either)

Work-a-holic, Work-centric, idiocy, whatever you call it, I'm so there! The lure of massive overtime money in time for the holidays is seductive. The chance to put away well over a weeks' leave time is appealing. The only thing I;m missing out on is... well, the rest of my life! My apartment is a disaster area, (Wash & Fold- has saved my life) family, friends not seen, just the chance to kick back and relax; all sublimated for the desire to earn. I know I'm Tired when the only thing I want to do when I get home is sleep.

I know that compared to many, I'm quite Lucky. I've got a job with the ability to earn a lot of OT and I want to be both aware & grateful that things are going well but I also want to be Honest with myself and You, my dear readers, so I also admit that this is NO way to live! All the Money in the World won't make up for not living my life as I see fit! Perhaps we all have to make these decisions at one time or another. I look forward to several days off to re-charge my batteries, to look at some of what you folks have been putting out there and Maybe having an Original Thought or two. I'll save the funny stuff for later.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Now that I've returned (briefly) to the land of the Living, I have a Question: I see that many folks put ads on their blog to earn money. I don't need it so I opted out but what do you think? Are ads annoying on blogs? I confess that I glance at them but I've never been tempted to click. If anyone actually reads this blog, let me know what you think.

By The Way: Shoutout to Paperlillies: on her blog. If any of you watch youtube- you will have seen her videos and she really is a very sweet, smart woman with a lot of Charisma-whatever that is. Check her out.

Back to the Grind again tonight. The things I will will do for the filthy lucre. But I have a Chopper to fix, a home to care for, bills to pay etc...
Off To Bed-Finally!

After a Gruling week of 16 hour days (inclu. the Daylight Savings turn that was 17 hours), I'm finally home & headed for bed. Love the Money- Hate the Rest! I guess I won't be worring about the saleerycap this year- I must have busted it this week! Hope all of you are well and will post again when I'm more like a human bean.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How can I upload to YouTube when I can't find the D#$mn cord?

Don't you just Hate it? I made this great video of 6 deer grazing in my backyard with a flock of wild turkeys walking through but when I went to upload it , the cord is missing from the box! AAARRRGGGHHH! I have tried to be so careful to put everything back in it's place. No matter what anyone else says- take it from me: Chaos wins in the end!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

...And the Wind Blew and the S*&t Flew!

Todays' post is about what to do with someone who lies to you. I know a girl who's in the same occupation as I am but in the private sector. I've helped her out in the past & we talk regularly. Recently, she told me a story about another person that, unbeknownst to her, I knew from when I started on my job & I also see that persons' wife fairly regluarly. She told me that this guy had said some..inappropriate ...things to her and she was thinking of reporting him to management.

I asked the wife to have him give me a call, to talk about the old days & he did. After pleasentries were exchanged, I asked him about work and told him I knew this girl. He then told me a Completely different story about how this girl had reacted badly to a situation involving a patient's family member and he stepped in to calm everyone down and that this girl was apparantly angry at him for doing so. I didn't repeat what she said but did tell him not to work with her again, if he could avoid it. When I spoke to her I said rather that asking for trouble, just don't volunteer to work with him if she could avoid it.

My question is: Did I do the right thing? I don't want to stand for the all-boys club nor do I want someone to be harassed for trying to get their job done smoothly. Since I know this guy I believe his account as I've never known him to speak to other women that way but I wasn't there- so I don't know. I'm also not for retaliation because everyone loses. What do you think?

Monday, October 29, 2007

To Do List: Wake Up!

I want to offer this quote that I saw while blog-trolling from Miss

" fear less,Hope more,Whine less,breathe more,Talk less,say more and all the good things in Life are Yours" -swedish proverb

Words to live be, indeed.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Work: It's like getting kicked in the Ribs 5 days a week

Back-to-back 16 hour days. Some would count me lucky; but the recovery time is a 1 day minimum. I know I'm an overtime hound- I no longer go to work for the adventure, I come for the cash but when I can't do the things I'd like to go and do-I get depressed. (doesn't everyone?)

I miss my cat the most right now. This was the season he was made for; being orange,cinnamon & white, he blended right into the fall leaves like the tiger does. When the weather started to turn cold, he'd make sure to be curled up beside us, purring. I'll always have those memories. Perhaps, when I'm ready, I'll make more with another little one.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm off to see the Blizzard-the wonderful Blizzard on Mars...

Twice a year, I have to report to the Acadamy for what is ostensively a review of basic information for my job. I welcome the break in Routine & the chance to hang out with old work partners, folks I know from the job,etc... I don't look forward to the lesson plan as I done my job long enough to only need the updated information but if they are going to pay you- What the Hey?
I was a bad boy 'tho. Even with a 4:30 wake up, I managed to be 15 minutes late. The (GW) Bridge traffic had me waiting for a full 40 minutes. I was, sadly turned away from my review but luckily, My Lt. had work for me for the next 12 hours, so the day wasn't a complete waste of time & next time I'll try to get there that much earlier. I wonder, what if I treated the folks who turned me away the very same way if they come into my area? They can dish it out but can they also take it?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welcome to the Wonderful World of : "Hey, You're a Loser, Deal With It."

Sorry about not posting for a while but in between O.T. ,trying to fix my chopper so I can enjoy riding some of the last good days this year & keeping my head on straight, I've been busy.

While I'm new to the blog scene, I do have a list of favorite sites, I just can't figure out how to incorporate a blogroll so I can promote them. (BTW- if you have absolutely pee-in-your-pants funny or interesting blogs, please leave them in the comments) One I like to check a lot is: I'm not a girl, yet not a wino - Kris likey can really make you (me) laugh- check her blog out. Her recent post was about her & a friend checking out, looking at the mens' ads and all the idiotic behavior you can plainly see. I commented that I, as a representative of the group everyone deletes (short,fat,bald,middle-aged men with Glasses) Hey,I'm not just the president-I'm a member & I resemble that remark. I'd like to object to the Shallowness of looking only at the pictures & not being able to see the very real person beyond that.

I suppose that I'm not what Everyone is looking for, but I'm O.K. with it. I can't be something I'm not & while I may lose some weight ( I'm walking daily), or go buy those elevator shoes ( make yourself 2-3" taller) and even get contacts; I refuse to wear a toupee, go for follicle surgery or even use Rogaine (once you start, it's like having a heroin addiction-you have to keep using it for Life or the "hair" will fall out!) What are real values anyway? Does anyone look for stable, intelligent, caring men even if they don't look like Brad Pitt? What will a woman do when she finds out (to her surprise) that she's actually taller than you?

Women are sold into the Beauty for life concept-even when it's plain as the (straightened) nose on their (lifted) face that they are still old. but then again, I'm not a woman & can't see their world through their eyes.

I believe that the most important things you want to know about a person are almost never apparant to the naked eye. Decency, Kindness, Compassion, Veracity, Responsibility, Ethics, Values, Morals-all of these can only be observed in the Actions of others. I almost never pay attention to what someone says; but I observe quite carefully what folks actually Do. I'm sorry to say it but theres' a whole lot of people of both sexes that I refer to as: Constitutionally Incapable of telling the truth (to both themselves & others) I feel sorry for them as it is a trap that is almost impossible to get out of. The One person You should be Absolutely Honest with is Yourself! Kinda preachy, I know but then again, I have no trouble sleeping at night, don't need to remember what I said to anyone & when I say something to someone, I usually have no trouble being believed. How's that for a first post?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

wildbill3359 20051219 21:01:52.jpg

This is Pookie, My BFF-C for the last 14 years. Those of you who have cats know that when you wake up and find your animal laying fully stretched out & fast asleep next to you that you'd rather chew your arm off rather than move (even if you have to Go) Pookie had that life with me. He died between X-Mas & New Year and while I want another Cat- I can't until I'm ready.

I just found this pic as I was moving pics in storage and while I haven't had a lot to say- Res Ipsa Loquiter- it speaks for itself. I'm sure I'll say a lot more but, true to the name of my blog, I wanted my first post to be, most of all, heartfelt.