Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How can I upload to YouTube when I can't find the D#$mn cord?

Don't you just Hate it? I made this great video of 6 deer grazing in my backyard with a flock of wild turkeys walking through but when I went to upload it , the cord is missing from the box! AAARRRGGGHHH! I have tried to be so careful to put everything back in it's place. No matter what anyone else says- take it from me: Chaos wins in the end!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

...And the Wind Blew and the S*&t Flew!

Todays' post is about what to do with someone who lies to you. I know a girl who's in the same occupation as I am but in the private sector. I've helped her out in the past & we talk regularly. Recently, she told me a story about another person that, unbeknownst to her, I knew from when I started on my job & I also see that persons' wife fairly regluarly. She told me that this guy had said some..inappropriate ...things to her and she was thinking of reporting him to management.

I asked the wife to have him give me a call, to talk about the old days & he did. After pleasentries were exchanged, I asked him about work and told him I knew this girl. He then told me a Completely different story about how this girl had reacted badly to a situation involving a patient's family member and he stepped in to calm everyone down and that this girl was apparantly angry at him for doing so. I didn't repeat what she said but did tell him not to work with her again, if he could avoid it. When I spoke to her I said rather that asking for trouble, just don't volunteer to work with him if she could avoid it.

My question is: Did I do the right thing? I don't want to stand for the all-boys club nor do I want someone to be harassed for trying to get their job done smoothly. Since I know this guy I believe his account as I've never known him to speak to other women that way but I wasn't there- so I don't know. I'm also not for retaliation because everyone loses. What do you think?

Monday, October 29, 2007

To Do List: Wake Up!

I want to offer this quote that I saw while blog-trolling from Miss

" fear less,Hope more,Whine less,breathe more,Talk less,say more and all the good things in Life are Yours" -swedish proverb

Words to live be, indeed.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Work: It's like getting kicked in the Ribs 5 days a week

Back-to-back 16 hour days. Some would count me lucky; but the recovery time is a 1 day minimum. I know I'm an overtime hound- I no longer go to work for the adventure, I come for the cash but when I can't do the things I'd like to go and do-I get depressed. (doesn't everyone?)

I miss my cat the most right now. This was the season he was made for; being orange,cinnamon & white, he blended right into the fall leaves like the tiger does. When the weather started to turn cold, he'd make sure to be curled up beside us, purring. I'll always have those memories. Perhaps, when I'm ready, I'll make more with another little one.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm off to see the Blizzard-the wonderful Blizzard on Mars...

Twice a year, I have to report to the Acadamy for what is ostensively a review of basic information for my job. I welcome the break in Routine & the chance to hang out with old work partners, folks I know from the job,etc... I don't look forward to the lesson plan as I done my job long enough to only need the updated information but if they are going to pay you- What the Hey?
I was a bad boy 'tho. Even with a 4:30 wake up, I managed to be 15 minutes late. The (GW) Bridge traffic had me waiting for a full 40 minutes. I was, sadly turned away from my review but luckily, My Lt. had work for me for the next 12 hours, so the day wasn't a complete waste of time & next time I'll try to get there that much earlier. I wonder, what if I treated the folks who turned me away the very same way if they come into my area? They can dish it out but can they also take it?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Welcome to the Wonderful World of : "Hey, You're a Loser, Deal With It."

Sorry about not posting for a while but in between O.T. ,trying to fix my chopper so I can enjoy riding some of the last good days this year & keeping my head on straight, I've been busy.

While I'm new to the blog scene, I do have a list of favorite sites, I just can't figure out how to incorporate a blogroll so I can promote them. (BTW- if you have absolutely pee-in-your-pants funny or interesting blogs, please leave them in the comments) One I like to check a lot is: I'm not a girl, yet not a wino - Kris likey can really make you (me) laugh- check her blog out. Her recent post was about her & a friend checking out, looking at the mens' ads and all the idiotic behavior you can plainly see. I commented that I, as a representative of the group everyone deletes (short,fat,bald,middle-aged men with Glasses) Hey,I'm not just the president-I'm a member & I resemble that remark. I'd like to object to the Shallowness of looking only at the pictures & not being able to see the very real person beyond that.

I suppose that I'm not what Everyone is looking for, but I'm O.K. with it. I can't be something I'm not & while I may lose some weight ( I'm walking daily), or go buy those elevator shoes ( make yourself 2-3" taller) and even get contacts; I refuse to wear a toupee, go for follicle surgery or even use Rogaine (once you start, it's like having a heroin addiction-you have to keep using it for Life or the "hair" will fall out!) What are real values anyway? Does anyone look for stable, intelligent, caring men even if they don't look like Brad Pitt? What will a woman do when she finds out (to her surprise) that she's actually taller than you?

Women are sold into the Beauty for life concept-even when it's plain as the (straightened) nose on their (lifted) face that they are still old. but then again, I'm not a woman & can't see their world through their eyes.

I believe that the most important things you want to know about a person are almost never apparant to the naked eye. Decency, Kindness, Compassion, Veracity, Responsibility, Ethics, Values, Morals-all of these can only be observed in the Actions of others. I almost never pay attention to what someone says; but I observe quite carefully what folks actually Do. I'm sorry to say it but theres' a whole lot of people of both sexes that I refer to as: Constitutionally Incapable of telling the truth (to both themselves & others) I feel sorry for them as it is a trap that is almost impossible to get out of. The One person You should be Absolutely Honest with is Yourself! Kinda preachy, I know but then again, I have no trouble sleeping at night, don't need to remember what I said to anyone & when I say something to someone, I usually have no trouble being believed. How's that for a first post?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

wildbill3359 20051219 21:01:52.jpg

This is Pookie, My BFF-C for the last 14 years. Those of you who have cats know that when you wake up and find your animal laying fully stretched out & fast asleep next to you that you'd rather chew your arm off rather than move (even if you have to Go) Pookie had that life with me. He died between X-Mas & New Year and while I want another Cat- I can't until I'm ready.

I just found this pic as I was moving pics in storage and while I haven't had a lot to say- Res Ipsa Loquiter- it speaks for itself. I'm sure I'll say a lot more but, true to the name of my blog, I wanted my first post to be, most of all, heartfelt.