Tuesday, October 30, 2007

...And the Wind Blew and the S*&t Flew!

Todays' post is about what to do with someone who lies to you. I know a girl who's in the same occupation as I am but in the private sector. I've helped her out in the past & we talk regularly. Recently, she told me a story about another person that, unbeknownst to her, I knew from when I started on my job & I also see that persons' wife fairly regluarly. She told me that this guy had said some..inappropriate ...things to her and she was thinking of reporting him to management.

I asked the wife to have him give me a call, to talk about the old days & he did. After pleasentries were exchanged, I asked him about work and told him I knew this girl. He then told me a Completely different story about how this girl had reacted badly to a situation involving a patient's family member and he stepped in to calm everyone down and that this girl was apparantly angry at him for doing so. I didn't repeat what she said but did tell him not to work with her again, if he could avoid it. When I spoke to her I said rather that asking for trouble, just don't volunteer to work with him if she could avoid it.

My question is: Did I do the right thing? I don't want to stand for the all-boys club nor do I want someone to be harassed for trying to get their job done smoothly. Since I know this guy I believe his account as I've never known him to speak to other women that way but I wasn't there- so I don't know. I'm also not for retaliation because everyone loses. What do you think?