Wednesday, July 15, 2009

10 Things I'd like to say to People

1. I'm here to help you!
2. Getting angry with me for asking questions to get the information I need to fill out the paperwork isn't helping you.
3. I mind my business, but please don't do anything -illegal -stupid or both in front of me; I don't want to have to testify about it in court or get caught in the middle of a "Jackpot".
4. Don't let my white skin fool you. I don't care what race, religion, age, sexual orientation you are-we all feel Pain & we all bleed the same color: red & that means I want to treat you, transport you to a place where you can get the help you need & keep you alive through the whole thing.
5. I've been at this game for most of my Adult life, please try not telling me how to do my job.
6. I respect your wishes for the right to Die with Dignity- Please talk to your family and Doctor and have the M.O.L.S.T.-(Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) paperwork AT YOUR BEDSIDE! Frame it if you must. By Law, I have to start resuscitating you if it isn't there & once I start, I can't stop.
7. If you can't remember the names of your medications & you take a lot of them, Write them down! Many of the drugs given in EMS react badly to other medications. None of us want to kill you while trying to save you!
8. I don't want your money, jewelery or stuff. If it comes with you, it will be turned over to the hospital clerk. I want to earn my own money & I can buy my own stuff.
9. If I am doing CPR, breathing for your loved one or your wife in Labor and in Trouble, we are going to the closest hospital. Save Lives First-everything else is 2nd.
10. Drivers: When I am driving with the lights and Sirens on-MOVE TO THE RIGHT OR OUT OF THE WAY!!!!! Pulling in front of me so you can be "forced" through the light (Cabbies-you Know who you are!) or trying to pull in right behind me so you can go faster than the other traffic is both Stupid and Dangerous.