Monday, June 06, 2011

Last night

Last night, I drove over the mountain to Nyack, turned north on broadway & parked my car down on Hook Mtn. State park's lot. I took a walk along the river road & it was Something! Many folks have memories of Happy Times & this is one I hope will stay with me forever! A clear, cool evening, with a light breeze off the water, mixing with the amazing scent of blooming Honeysuckle was Intoxicating! I repeatedly filled my lungs, breathing deeply, to absorb that into myself! I met the usual joggers bikers, conversationalists, exercise folks, dog walkers,etc... And just enjoyed the peaceful coming on of the evening. Strolling is different when you take the Time to look all around, not rushed or pushed by constraints or by others who "want to get something done-damnit!" I had nowhere to go & only my heart propelling me along! What a way to Recharge, feel, be comfortable in your own skin & feel Blessed! Have You had any experiences like that recently?

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Wilford Brimley Rap Song! (You asked for it!)

The (High) Cost of Blogging

     I received an email from my employer, notifying me that the department is aware of my blog. While I'm not surprised by this, it did kind of freak me out! Not that I'm any kind of regular poster, and a lot of what I have to say doesn't involve work, it sends a message: We are watching. Well-Good! I hope never to violate the department's policies regarding disclosing private information & of course, never reveal what I know of the lives of men (the Oath of Geneva) I suppose that I'm not just another anonymous blogger after all!