Thursday, February 24, 2011

Posting while Bored: Don't Do It.

Approx. 3 people attended my mom's funeral: me, kitty & my old work partner, Tim. I can't locate my sister Jean(probably on Purpose), her brother didn't seem particularly interested & my cousin couldn't attend due to Health issues. I don't know if it's a Delayed, Muted or no reaction at all, but I've shed no tears, haven't lost any sleep or have anything bother me, other then I'm happy she's no longer in Pain or suffering. I don't feel I'm abnormal,since she has been sick for quite some time. Just Resigned.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Life: It's what happens while you're making other plans...

     I apologise to the approximately 6 readers of my blog about the paucity of my posting. Although the Bradley Manning article is current ( & remains so) I'm certain you are better entertained by staring out the window.

     My Mom passed away yesterday, at age 80 for reasons which have not been, nor will ever be adequately explained to me. "Failure to Thrive" isn't a diagnosis, more a statement of condition. It had been Coming for a while, and I've written other posts about it. I am neither upset or emotional about it, nor am I numb. I accept that her condition was deteriorating, have made my peace with it (if not her- due to her mental decline) & am now in the process of making the phone calls, trying to find my sister's number (she's moved again without forwarding any contact information) and looking through the papers she left behind. That the nursing home took all the Assets is a given ( Thank Sen. Kennedy for that) I am left with pictures, memories, a TV set & a couple of plastic containers that looks like they are all getting donated to Goodwill.

     I'll attempt to get her buried on top of my Dad on Friday. How that will work out is up to several people of whom I have no idea of how they operate! I'm leaning toward having a service in the chapel of the nursing home, mostly for the people she spent the last years of her life with. I can't guarantee any of the family other then myself will show up. Then I will go on living my life.