Saturday, March 24, 2012

What I Lost before I went on Vacation...

     Well. I'd like to tell you that I'm not an idiot, but after buying (from the awesome @greenmom) learning to operate & enjoying all the advantages of owning an Ipad for over a year, I PUT IT ON TOP OF THE CAR, DROVE OFF & LOST IT!!!, so I think the evidence is tending to lean the Other Way. I always put it into a case that I'd carry, except for that night, as I wanted to go to my ambulance corps meeting put it on the hood of my car, went back into the house to get ...something, I don't remember, got in my car & drove off. I didn't realize I did it until I got to the building & went screaming back,twice looking all the way.

     So, back to using the laptop for me for a While, not terribly happy about it either, but I have only myself to blame. I hope however found it has fun. It was Locked, but, as I understand it from Apple, once they try entering the wrong code 10 times, it locks. Apple WILL NOT refuse to unlock it, They will reset the device, erasing ALL CONTENT though, nor will they even go so far as to record the serial number. I just had the software upgraded to the latest version, which includes Icloud, which Does have an app called find my ipad, which would allow them to locate it within 30 feet using GPS, but One thing was NOT explained to me- namely that I had to go to my email & accept the Terms & Conditions in order for this app to be activated, so I'm SOL!

     Then I went upstate to Fishkill, NY to work on a campaign for my Union for a week (which our candidate Won!) I especially liked the town of Poughkeepsie, up by the Mid-Hudson bridge, for it's wonderful old housing stock, it's Great views of the Hudson & a Great restaurant, Allemants on Acadamy st.- Great food! well prepared (to order- no less!) by a seasoned chef and his family! Try the Cevieche'...

Monday, March 12, 2012

And For my Next Trick;I'll need a volunteer &a condom

Just finished my last shift for approx. 11 days! I'm Stoked to be able to get a bunch of personal business done, see a few Friends, Go work for my Union doing political Action (don't know where I'm headed- I'll keep in touch) and just to Not have to show up to work! My intention is to Relax, have a Great time and hopefully more then a few laughs & recharge the batteries. I bought the 1st season of A Game of Thrones as it was on sale for < 1/2 price one day at Target- I liked it and am looking froward to reading the other books in the series & watching HBO do a Fine job of translating to the the screen.If you like fantasy- you'll like this! It has been Unseasonably warm this past winter- the warmest in my memory! I'm hoping we are Not in for a Hot summer! That is as much of a Disaster as back-to-back Blizzards! How are You making out?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

What. The. Fuck.

Normally, I have NO trouble sleeping soundly, but here I am at 3:45am, up & not tired! In this case I was awakened yesterday by someone calling me to come work OT at 1am & having to get up at 4:40 as I had to be in Lower Manhattan by 6am. I thought after working 16 hours, I'd get a good night's sleep- No Dice. Maybe it's me getting Older, needing les sleep as Time goes on, perhaps it's a Phase I'm going through, I'm starting to tweet and play Words with Friends now and see Others having the Same Predicament. One thing I 've resolved is: unless I need the bathroom or to get awake, I'm not making coffee or wandering around the house. I've answered too many ambulance calls to be unaware of how That plays out! How about You,my dear readers? Is this happening to you? Is this an Issue? Let me know. In an entirely unrelated note: The song that's currently occupying my brain is called All the Rowboats by Regina Specktor, I downloaded it from I love her hooks, her phrasing, she really is worth a listen!