Monday, March 12, 2012

And For my Next Trick;I'll need a volunteer &a condom

Just finished my last shift for approx. 11 days! I'm Stoked to be able to get a bunch of personal business done, see a few Friends, Go work for my Union doing political Action (don't know where I'm headed- I'll keep in touch) and just to Not have to show up to work! My intention is to Relax, have a Great time and hopefully more then a few laughs & recharge the batteries. I bought the 1st season of A Game of Thrones as it was on sale for < 1/2 price one day at Target- I liked it and am looking froward to reading the other books in the series & watching HBO do a Fine job of translating to the the screen.If you like fantasy- you'll like this! It has been Unseasonably warm this past winter- the warmest in my memory! I'm hoping we are Not in for a Hot summer! That is as much of a Disaster as back-to-back Blizzards! How are You making out?

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