Friday, October 26, 2007

Work: It's like getting kicked in the Ribs 5 days a week

Back-to-back 16 hour days. Some would count me lucky; but the recovery time is a 1 day minimum. I know I'm an overtime hound- I no longer go to work for the adventure, I come for the cash but when I can't do the things I'd like to go and do-I get depressed. (doesn't everyone?)

I miss my cat the most right now. This was the season he was made for; being orange,cinnamon & white, he blended right into the fall leaves like the tiger does. When the weather started to turn cold, he'd make sure to be curled up beside us, purring. I'll always have those memories. Perhaps, when I'm ready, I'll make more with another little one.


Valley Girl said...

Don't overwork yourself!

Crys said...

aw, your cat sounded lovely.