Saturday, December 29, 2007


I guess I knew that no one would want to read my blog and I was (mostly) right! But, I continue because I am gearing up for some new & exciting projects in the new year, one of which will involve this blog. I talk about my life here but leave many of the details out, to protect my and others privacy. That won't change (unless a Really juicy story comes out of it!) I deal with an Urban population at work & a suburban at home. The disparity is amazing as are the similarities. Players are Players, it doesn't matter if they are running the drug operation on the street or an educated professional, advising clients on how to avoid oversight, regulation or even paying (deserved) alimony & Child Support. The Attitude is the same, even if all the other details are different.

There are many New York(s), Theres the bright, sunny financial capital of the world the cultural Mecca, the tourist destination. There are others. There's the New York I work in, dirty, dangerous with Players, Hookers, Addicts & Dealers mingling with those who Don't make their living in the Aboveboard Economy and "regular" folks, trying to eake a living out of businesses and government that doesn't care and are caught up in the system. A Town without pity .

There's also the area I live in: suburban, mostly well off, very little crime but it too has it's secrets. Because of my work schedule (way too many hours) I don't get to spend as much time here as I'd like. I like living here. I have deer that regularly graze in my backyard, Wild Turkeys and a lot of Peace & Quiet! I am Very Lucky! I hope to put more of what I experience out there because I find it Interesting & I think so will you. Tell me what you think (if you want)


Anonymous said...

I think your description of the city is true everywhere to some extent. But people in each little "segment" are so insulated from the others. I've lived in both large and small towns - you are so right about the "little secrets."

WildbillthePirate said...

and Large ones too!