Monday, December 10, 2007

Who would Jesus Shoot?

Imagine: You get up on a Sunday morning, get nicely dressed and go to your favorite Huge church to hear the words of the Prince of Peace spoken by a minister who moves you. There is some sort of commotion, you hear a great BOOM! and the next thing you know you're lying on the floor with a bullet in your chest, fired by the Rent-a-Cop who watches the donation box, who shot at someone else & hit you. Is this the Message Jesus spent his life preaching about? I think this also applies to Muslims who are caught in between Radical Islamists and the message of Peace and Salvation that the Prophet preached. Whose side is God on anyway?

Anyone who Believes that they are doing God's work by Killing, Torturing and Maiming others clearly doesn't have a clue about what God wants, as expressed by nearly every Prophet & religion. These are Sick, Damaged & Warped individuals who cannot live with others. That we collectively cannot seem to have the Will to demand the Capture and Imprisonment of these "people" says Volumes about just how far we all are from Grace. I Pray for the Enlightenment of the Soul for Everyone.P.S. read Paperlilies

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