Thursday, December 13, 2007

More about the EDP-Emotionally Disturbed Person

The EMS system I work in is soon to change the Protocol, allowing for the use of Chemical Restraints by Paramedics in EDP's I'm of two minds about this. On the Whole, I don't have a problem giving someone something to calm them down- It has been used regularly by the Medical & Psychiatric community. My particular issue(s) revolve around how the inevitable death of such a patient will be handled. Notice I said inevitable.

Since there are Many reasons why someone might act out, correct & effective dosing is largely a Crapshoot. People can have a psychotic break, believe their life is in Danger, be Overdosed on more than one drug or other substance, be suicidal/homicidal etc... That's not counting the many Medical reasons such as Low Blood Sugar (diabetes), tumors (remember the Texas tower?) trauma and Hypoxia-all of which can cause aberrant behavior. I have been tossed around the back of an Ambulance by a guy who was 5' tall and about 110 pounds. (I'm not a small guy) I know and have been present when someone was given something to calm them down and went into Cardiac Arrest almost immediately. (They didn't make it)

If the standard Q &A format is used and the Medic(s) in Question have consulted a Control Physician prior to dosing, then there won't be a problem. But I also know how such an incident will play out in the Media if such an incident happened. One has only to look at the coverage of Police EDP incidents to see that Politics will get in the way & I for one don't want to see myself or anyone else get Fried by the System for doing the Right Thing. There will be a Real Effort to hold someone accountable.

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suicide_blond said...

inevitable.... is suuuuch a scary word...