Monday, December 17, 2007

AAHH! Another Perfect Day!

I worked a double shift last night & went to bed this morning.I woke around 12:30pm, got dressed, went out to my car & discovered my rear tire was flat! FTW! I just bought it 2 months ago! I got my tiny compressor going, re-inflated and brought it to the tire store. It wasn't the tire. My rim has cracked! they patched it but told me to get another one Soon! I was late 2 hours but informed my boss so-no problems-. Tomorrow ( read later today) I'll have to make a Pilgrimage to Hunts Point Auto Parts in search of another matching alloy rim. I can't really complain, after all, these rims have lasted 150,000+ miles. Thank God it didn't just fail while driving!


Dawn, Kenzie and Hanley too said...

Hi. I finnally got around to reading you blog, very nice. Sounds like you have way more fun in your city than I have in mine. We have 5 nursing homes that we service, so most of our calls come from there, and we do a lot of interfacility txs. I response to your earlier post about telling the truth...something that is more difficult than telling the truth is trying to convince someone that what they were told earlier is a lie. I teach as well and one of the hardest concepts for people to get is that we do CPR on dead people. They keep trying to tell me that no, we do CPR on people who have stopped breathing and have no pulse.Hmmmm...sounds dead to me. Keep up the good work, stay safe out there.

Christina said...

Glad it all worked out.