Saturday, December 08, 2007

Excuse me whilst I die from exhaustion.

Yes, It's Official: I'm an Idiot. I just managed to work both of my days off & while the 25 hours OT will come in Handy, I still have the Dreaded cough from 2 weeks ago! I'm on Anti-biotics and am hoping this, too shall pass. I have been running myself ragged to max out my salery for some unknown reason. I hope you are not doing the same thing; it's No Good!

I did manage to have a bit of fun at my partners' expense. A patient was hitting on her, telling her she looked real good & how does she do it. She was polite but I said in a low voice: "it's the Blood." "What?" "It's the Blood of the Young Virgin boys she mixes with her Bustello in the morning- I think she will live Forever." "You can't mean that!" " Sir, I'm her partner, I know all about the little bottle of Blood she carries with her & mixes in her coffee- I've got no problem with it 'cause I'm not a Virgin." She stood there with her mouth open, agast. Who says you can't have Fun at work? I'm going to Bed now. Later.

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