Thursday, December 27, 2007


Tomorrow, I am going to wake up filled with Energy & ready to face the day.
" " " " I am going to have Tea & Granola for breakfast.
" " " " I am going to clean out the car, trunk & all and organize my stuff.
" " " " I am going to meet my mom for lunch, I will give her her Christmas gifts, compliment
her on her card & try not to lose my mind for the few hours we will spend together.
" " " " I will return the overdue library books, order more shift calendars for my fellow
employees, straighten out my closet & pay the bills.
" " " " I will sign up for volunteer ambulance shifts next month,call my teacher & arrange to
meet him in the next week, work out the amount of money I'll need for my next
project, pack up the Christmas stuff for next year.
" " " " I will find out about going to the motorcycle show this weekend to check out what's
new and drool at all the things I'd like.
" " " " I'm going to have a little "me" time.
" " " " I'm going to call my friends & maybe get together later, making sure I have their
gifts wrapped.
Sometimes I wish I had just stayed in bed reading.