Friday, November 30, 2007

Another WTC Funeral

Tomarrow morning, I will get dressed in my Class"A" Uniform, drive down to the Bronx to pick up my old partner, Tim, Then head out to Staten Island to attend the funeral of Lt. Brian Ellicott who, on Sept 11th, was an EMT in Station 11 and worked over 100 hours in Ground Zero in the first two weeks alone. He developed a Non-Hodgkins type lymphoma in his chest, that spread to his back, causing paralysis from the chest down. He leaves behind a wife and 2 children. It will be Cold, but yet we lay another resuer down for WTC-related illness and the fund the Government created to assist us will controvert EVERY case, refusing to pay any monies because they "want to be sure the those monies are appropriately spent"

I sit here, coughing, hoping it's just a Cold & I'll get better and wondering what will happen if it doesn't. I already know that; even when presented with Compelling Proof, the Pension Board will drag it's feet ( The last guy that got a WTC related 3/4 pension didn't live long enough to cash his First check!) and Knowing that this City, that I work for, This State that I'm a Resident of and this Country really doesn't Care. I'm sure they want all of us to simply Fade Away. I'll be there because I was there.

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