Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cleaning: About as much fun as a Root Canal, but never done.

Who knew I had this much crap? Digging Pandora Radio- If you haven't checked it out-you should. Your own personal radio playing what you'd like without commercials. Free too. (you can subscribe but you don't have to) It's clear that I really need to organize/re-organize my stuff. All the equipment The City issues me, all the uniforms, PPE-Personal Protective Equipment It barely fits on the rack I had to buy to keep it all in one place!

I remember when I first started in EMS that getting blood (someone else's) on your shirt was a normal occurance. You'd use Hydrogen Peroxide to bleach it out. Now, you almost have to send it out to get Professionally Decontaminated. Granted, There's a lot more to worry about, especially in the area(s) where I work, and I admit that there's no such thing as too careful where Others are involved but I'm a simple sort- Wash it, blot it & keep moving. Some on my job have adopted the " I wear it all the time" attitude- That is just Nasty as far as I'm concerned Wear the appropriate gear to the task you are performing. Most often, thats a clean Uniform Gloves, glasses, shoes/boots and Respirtory protection only if called for.Wearing the sme gear, day after (stinky) day just turns me off.

I scored about a dozen CD's from a local Goodwill shop- Who knew someone would get rid of their entire collection-Police, Offspring Dean Martin compilation and a Regina Specktor CD I've never seen-Soviet Kitch. I really have to get the back memory set up so I can put it where I can hear it anytime. Anyway, enough blogging for today, time to get back to straightening out this mess I live in!

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