Monday, November 26, 2007

A Primer: PCP-Phencyclidine

The other night, I had to deal with yet another Fine Upstanding Citizen (or FUC as I like to call them) on PCP. It is resurfacing after years of being quite scarce and we should all be concerned. It was developed in the 1950's as an anaesthetic but was stopped being used in humans in 1965 because patients became agitated, delusional & irrational from it's effects. (From the NIDA website) I believe it is still used as a large animal tranquilizer (Bears, Tigers & the like) but I can't find anything that says so.

I hope those of you reading this never have to come into contact with someone on Angel Dust. These folks are a Danger to themselves and others & unfortunately, are EMS cases. That you will have to end up calling for backup is a given. That you will have to help in restraining them is almost certain. They can and have shrugged off repeated Tazer darts I have witnessed. I have no other comments.

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