Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Great Night

Kitty and I went to see Gabriela Montero last night at the Peddie School in Hightstown, N.J. We had seats in the front row Center! As is her want, the first half of her program, she played straight classical pieces & after intermission, she did improvisation requests from the audience. The highlight (for me) of the performance was when a Peddie School Student asked if she could play a piece she had been working on but was stuck. Ms. Montero welcomed her up, she played about 6-8 seconds of a piece and after a moment, Ms Montero went for a good 5-8 minutes; just on that small piece! I loved the fact that she engaged the audience (and was very engaging herself)

After the performance ended, we came out to the lobby, where a couple of Ms. Monteros' CD's were being sold. We were told she would come & sign them and because I was prepared for that eventuality, I brought the Right tool for the job, a fine point Sharpie ( I've had Experience with Musicians before-they Never have them!)

Ms. Montero came out and (as usual) was trying to sign in pen. I offered her the Sharpie, which she gladly accepted and when it was my turn, I got both my CD's signed on the Cd's themselves plus I gave her a job shirt I had made for her from the Quartermaster with her name embroidered on the Right side (like all of us have) I said: " many people will offer you flowers or Candy but I thought you might appreciate something that will keep you warm." She graciously accepted and in the picture above, you see her holding onto the Quartermasters' clear bag.(and the Sharpie)

Yes, that IS what I look like- Short,Plump & Balding with Glasses and a 'stache Kinda like Santa Claus but without the Powers or Motivation. But I'm a WHEE! of a paramedic!- and a Legend in my own mind too!


Anonymous said... have realllly good taste in music !!!! i mean i knew you had good taste in impressed!!!

Gwen said...

A fine point Sharpie. Brilliant!

Sounds like a great concert.