Saturday, February 16, 2008

Blogs to check out.

she just walks around with it
Crazy Aunt Purl
Life goes on I think
Saint Vodka of the
Amber Colored
Anna Begins Writing
Get Rich Slowly
Zen Habits
Life Hack
Dumb Little Man
Mighty Girl
Go Fug Yourself

Thanks to Kris for the post question- I'm sorry I didn't list everyone- I have go get dressed & actually Do something today!


Anonymous said...

Thanks! I'm always surprised when I'm on a list with rockstar bloggers like Mighty Girl included.

WildbillthePirate said...

You ARE a Rockstar Blogger, as far as I and many others think! I compiled this abbreviated list from kris likey's posting, wish it to be in a format where you could Directly check them all out. Congradulations! Bill