Sunday, August 24, 2008

Something to Think About on this fine Sunday afternoon...

I was asked the other day how many of us who worked jobs most/all of our lives and have pensions/ social security / savings/investments built up are going to fare against the millions of folks who never worked long enough to qualify/ lost their good paying job and have lost/spent their pension/never had a "good" job (hello Walmart employees!) went to prison etc... I wish I had an easy answer for this but I don't. There are many for whom the "net" has large holes. Sure, social security will "pick up" some of these but how we deal with now is going to have a Huge impact later on, as the "baby boom" reaches retirement.

There are going to be A LOT of Unhappy people! I also expect there is going to be rampant elderly abuse, scams and even outright murder! So I ask the other 2-5 people who actually look at my blog: How do You think we should be looking at or handling this situation? Where should we start and who should we be asking?

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