Monday, August 25, 2008

Lazy Summer Sunday Pics: Beacon Showboat "Pirates"

My oldest (and best-est) friend Vicki and I were supposed to meet last night and she told me about a show/ performance happening in her town of Beacon. I came up with kitty and we took the above pics of their fantastic boats, part raft, with a working steamboat and alternative fuel engines. They remind me (probably on purpose) of the movie Waterworld. They were supposed to set sail at 8 pm, but Vicki got caught up in other obligations and I had to leave early as my Leiut. called me to fill in in a pinch (hey, money's Money) if I couldn't enjoy checking out the performance with my friend(s) I ought to go make some as the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival is coming up at the end of September in Saugerties and I need money for hotel and garlic (YUM!)

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