Friday, January 04, 2008

Wish List(s)

I have seen several folks posting up a wish list on their blog sites. I haven't (yet) as I have most of what I need and almost no one reads this site anyway. I don't have a problem with it 'tho. I have often received a gift that just left me cold or made me wonder "What were they thinking?" I think it's OK to show folks that you think they are Cool by choosing to get them a little something. Perhaps that sounds a little, I don't know-"booshie"? of me but that is the way I am with the folks I work and are friends with.

Now if you have an old Grandfather clock or an old Harley in pieces in a box or your garage... send me details!

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annie said...

I'd rather see a wish list than a donation jar. Especially when the donation is just for purely existing on the 'net, you know, they don't have cancer or a sick child or anything. It's like, "Give me money for gracing you with my presence." Would you say that to your friends? Pay me to hang out with you for a little while?