Thursday, January 24, 2008

A cup of Coffee.

Hey fellow Humans, Tis a Cautionary tale of what can happen when you deal with a Moron! I was working O.T. with this guy and at about 4am, he went for coffee. I gave him money & told him how I like mine. He called me from the shoppe and again asked me if I wanted a coffee. "Yes." "How do you want it?" " with one Splenda & Milk." "O.K."

What do you think he brought back?

A coffee cup with cold Milk and Splenda! of Course! "I asked you for Coffee!" I said. " I thought it was a little strange but I wanted to get you what you asked for." he said.

From Now On, I will go for Coffee or I will WRITE IT DOWN!!! I didn't think anyone that stupid could walk upright but I was Wrong!

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