Wednesday, January 30, 2008

That's My Answer- the Blog edition.

I usually check out a blog site called That's My Answer.Today, I'm posting a question that was here and you can check out the many answers there are:


What three things are on your desk right now that shouldn’t be?

Coffee Cup

Atomic Clock that I fixed to display EST

Bottle of Waterbed conditioner (from when I had a waterbed- anybody need one?)


suicide_blond said...

1) numbing cream that the dermatologist made me buy 3 mos ago.. that i have NEVER opened

2) a doll shoe (no idea where the doll is..but im mortally afraid that if i toss out the shoe...the doll will appear looking for it)

3) a stack of business cards from one of my ex's..he stopped in and gave them to me to "pass out among my friends and colleagues" ..umm yeah right...ill get right on that...


Gwen said...

1)Clothes that need to be returned (too small--urgh!--and too big).

2)My wallet--should be in my purse.

3)A squish of napkins from Jimmy John's, but those are my husband's (and what is he doing with them?)