Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mechanics: a tale of two Cities.

Last Thursday, as I was driving to work, I noticed that when I stepped on my brake, the Parking brake light also came on. WTF? I took it to a local Repair shop for a look & the guy said that one of my rear brake cylinders was leaking,and I needed to replace it, the pads & drum. He didn't open the other drum (stuck) I asked him the cost of fixing the problem. Without batting an eyelash, he said: $750. I told him" thank you very much, but please close it back up as I have a mechanic friend who owes me a favor.

I called my Partners' brother, who does mechanic work on the side to support his Toy habit ( Fast Cars, A.C. & a backard shop that has Everything in it!) I've had work from him before & he's Good! However, he is in Staten Island, NY, about an Hour away by highway: "Drop it off and I'll have a look" I wanted to go to my Teachers' in PA to work with him so I dropped the car off, rented a car for the weekend in S.I. & left.

Cut to the Chase: he replaced both cylindars, Pads, Drums and Inner & Outer wheel Bearings. The price? $ 365! I returned the rental, paid the bill: ($200.) and was still over $100. cheaper than the guy near my house!

The Moral of this story: Unless the car is Undriveable, don't assume that any price you are given by a shop is right.

Do you have any tales of Woe with mechanics or your car? (if you have one)

BTW: Ladies, I Know that mechanics don't treat you the same as Men and many of you are unhappy. Check out Ask Patty