Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some Remarks about a new NBC TV series: TRAUMA and a completely unrelated note about BLOGGER.

I went to see Julie & Julia today at a matinee. I highly recommend it. It's a chick flick to be sure, but Good! What I'd like to say a few words about is the Ad for the upcoming NBC TV series Trauma. First, marketing your TV series in a movie theatre feels too much like the very TV commercials everyone HATES!!! Bad Move! Second, about the previews, I've been in the TRAUMA game for much of my Adult life, both as a volunteer & as a working Professional. Some Observations:
-If I am ever in the middle of exploding cars without Gear- I'm in the Wrong Place!
-I actually have been in the middle of a gunfight & I can tell you: I was in the Wrong Place!
-running away with a patient in one hand, shielding my face with my (short sleeved shirt) hand as the Glass is Flying=Wrong Place!

Many folks think EMS is like that & almost nothing is further from the Truth! & as you know if you are reading this blog-this truth is free! It has all the boring parts of every job I've ever had, bad bosses, bad partners, too many hours, BS up the Wazoo etc... I've also had (& have) Great Partners, Great Bosses and I've gotten to do a Lot of things most other people never will! My Objection is that kids are going to see this & think: WOW! That's the job for me!

-Trust me when I say this: WE DON'T NEED YAHOO'S OUT IN THE STREETS!!! Have I done some Cool shit? Yes! Will I in the future? Seems Reasonable. but as you work here long enough, the real message should be: I want to do my job to the BEST of my Ability. I also want to go home, intact, at the end of the day. I don't want to Trade my Life for someone else's OR get so injured that I will have to Retire early & live, in pain, the rest of my life.

Like it or not, There are 3 rules in EMS that are Universal:
Rule #3- PROTECT YOUR PATIENT -if doing so won't involve breaking Rules 1 or 2!

I will NOT stand in between you & whomever trying to Kill you! I won't let my partner do it either! If I can Grab you & Go- That's what I'm doing! If you want to leap off the GW Bridge and I can't Talk you out of it, you will be leaping by Yourself! I have a deep and Abiding Love of Life! and I don't want to give it away!

I have appropriate Protective Gear and I WEAR IT! You only have had to be in the middle of only 1 car wreak, protecting yourself & patient from flying glass as the Fire Department cuts the car to extricate you and have to take Multiple showers afterward to get all the slivers of Glass out/ away from your skin to learn that lesson! No Joke!

*********************Comment about/ to Blogger*************************************

Why is it that I can't change the size of my fonts? I so Totally enjoy seeing everyone else do it and supposedly I can when I post but those buttons don't work! And compounding the Problem, is your Absolutely Piss-Poor help site! I can't find my issue in the FAQ and I can't find who to ask! So I have Resorted to Blogging about it in order to GET YOUR ATTENTION!!! Fix the Problem(s) O.K.?

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Andrew Dark said...

Sounds like a long day at work? Are you back on the road? The show seems silly. About fonts and this Blog site? It sucks!!!!