Sunday, August 23, 2009


I don't know if the rest of you have noticed this, but the folks marketing movies are using scenes that are NOT in the movies themselves in the trailers. I recently saw District 9 & I remember seeing the trailer a couple of weeks prior. There was a scene where the "Alien" Christopher was being interrogated about how the alien weapons work. He also spoke & the translation said "we just want to go leave" This scene was NOT in the movie copy I saw! Perhaps it was a deleted scene, but if so, it should not have been used in the trailer.

The same thing occurred with another movie I saw: Julie & Julia. The trailer contained a scene between Julia & the owner of the Le Cordon Bleu where the owner says to julia "You will never be a french chef" (I don't want to tell you the wrong bit of dialogue- I'm not sure of the actual phrase) As the Owner walks away, julia gives her a razz berry. In the movie, the scene occurred but the dialogue was slightly different & julia made the razz berry noise AFTER the Owner left the room!

I dislike this tactic. I want the trailer to show me enough of the actual film to get me interested in it, not in deleted scenes that aren't in the final version. What stops someone from making a trailer that doesn't even remotely resemble the film? Marketing is NOT serving either the movie industry or the public by continuing this type of behavior.

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