Friday, August 14, 2009

Review: Verizon Range Extender

I purchased a Verizon Range Extender from my local Store, after looking online and talking to the reps by phone. I have Awful Reception in my house (not surprising, since I live in a Butler Prefabricated Building-Made of Aluminum) The Unit is about the size of an external hard drive and comes with all the cables needed to hook it up. It needs to be placed near your router & has an Antenna (the size of a Tiger Balm tin) on a 25 ft. cord that has to be placed on a window.

The Range Extender works by connecting to your Broadband Connection (FIOS) & when in use it uses a small part of your Bandwith to act as a Repeater, Dramatically increasing reception. It has some limitations- it will handle up to 3 cell phones at a time & there is another dedicated channel available for someone to call 911. It has the capability to store up to 50 numbers as "Priority" numbers. This is Programmable. Three (3) numbers automatically have priority over other calls.

The Retail price of this unit is $200.00, quite pricey for what it does. I believe it will come down as more folks see it's advantages. I was able to reduce the price to $174.65 by combining a group discount and I have a couple of phones on my account. Now for the Meat:

Yes, it really does the job! Now, when I make a call anywhere within range, I hear a short 2 tone beep and my connection is 4 bars. The calls are crisp & clear. I will tell you that it only works for voice calls- data (Txt, Pics,etc..) aren't helped at all. I hope they will correct this in the future- it would really make it more useful.

I am a Verizon customer. I have No financial interest in the companies involved. I bought & continue to use the product and have not recieved any form of compensation. My review is my Opinion only and I am responsible for it (as I am for much of the rest of my life as well)

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