Friday, July 18, 2008

Hot Enough for Ya?

Sorry about not actually posting, I've been busy driving myself to the poorhouse (mine) all the while working OT and trying to keep my head on straight. I lent my laptop to a fellow church member and he managed to delete a system file, so I had to dump and reinstall Windoze WITHOUT a recovery disk! try that sometime... I've been taking a lot of pictures and will be posting them to flickr-I think- I like their stuff. I'll put in a link when I'm done. I'm just now installing the A/C that has been wrapped in plastic in the shed and trying it out beforehand so if it needs fixing, I'll do it BEFORE I put it in! (Yes, I AM a genius- 'cause I've done it before!) Hope you are all keeping your Cool and Those of you at Blogher this weekend are busy getting your drink on- Mommy needs a cocktail! Cheers!

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