Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Birthday America & Me....Especially Me...Yay Me!!!
Friends,Bloggers and fellow Countryfolk, Once again it's my Birthday! A wild celebration of massive proportions! I know you will all be enjoying this day almost as much as I will (who doesn't love a 3 day weekend?) Please feel free to revel in the moment-I will! My chopper is well on the way to being fixed, My personal life is satisfying and low Drama- except for the kitten-My health is good, Overall, it's been a Pretty Good Year. ( Forgive the Reference- I enjoy Tori Amos &No, for the record want to be a boy today and every other day!)I hope it's been the same (or better) for you as well.
What's Next? No one can say with certainty, other than we will most likely elect a Democrat to the White House, The Economy will slow further as prices rise, the real estate market will soften further as the full extant of the World Credit Crisis becomes fully visible, ( I can't speak with surety about where you are but the real estate here is Overvalued) The Oil companies are colluding with this Administration and OPEC to keep the prices high ( This is where the Chickens have Come Home to Roost- NEVER elect an Oil Man-EVER! ) Face it Folks, we are in a Recession that will not end soon.
THANK YOU REPUBLICANS! Your Over-riding HATE of Democracy, Love of Money & Power and willingness to send everyone Else's son and Daughter to die while yours stay safe at home and work on their tan (or degree) Directly put us here!You say it's Government that's the problem- No, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!
Enough said for one day...


Anonymous said...

OK so was it really your birthday? Haha! If it was, sorry I'm late. Happy Birthday!

Mia said...

Happy Birthday wild bill ::laughing::