Thursday, July 24, 2008

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Just Full of Ideas... or it....

Well, it's been another banner week at my house. The laptop I re-installed Windoze on suddenly went dark and wouldn't start up, so I took it to Geek Squad and they pronounced the motherboard had fried. Here are my choices:

-Get a new laptop ($600.-1,000.)

-Repair this one ($500. approx.) Note- late model Toshiba running centrino duo processor and windoZe visa capable 'tho running XP on it. very lightly used and compatible with many current laptops sold today)

- See if Toshiba would take a look & perhaps replace the Motherboard for me ( abut a year out of warranty) because of defect in motherboard.

-Go Finhing.

What would You do?

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Gooseberried said...

Get a new laptop. I love getting new electronics, especially computers. I'm always saving for a new one.