Saturday, March 01, 2008

Where did I put my...?

I hate these days. It's like everything I want to put my hand on has decided, as a group, to make themselves unavailable! Or, even worse, I can only find Part of what I need: like the rechargeable battery for the camera I have in my hand-they were attached the last time I looked! or the memory card reader for the computer- I Know I put it into the drawer along with many of the other peripherals-specifically so I have them all in one place and they wouldn't get lost! And don't get me started on the damn Bluetooth headset- that gets lost faster than a Loose Diamond in a glass of water if I don't take the time to put it on the charger as soon as I take it out of my ear or pocket!

In Other news: Very Spendy this week-well over a Grand in fact and more coming. Never forget, this is why we Save Money & Pay Ourselves First! It's all Good! I hope to grab a couple of Overtime Tours this week, so if I don't post-Don't Fret just trying to earn a living.

Question? Did you get your Taxes done Yet?


Gwen said...

Taxes? Don't we have some time? Should I be nervous? (I'm not really nervous; anyway, like a good wife, I let my husband take care of the taxes, lol).

Anonymous said...

No, because I'm trying to find a place that will do them for me for free. Any ideas?

WildbillthePirate said...

Gooseberried: Strangely enough,Yes. I direct you to :,,id=107626,00.html and also ask you to google the subject for a more extensive list.

Gwen: In between the Lion-Taming, Working at my Wonderful job, Taking care of myself,car and Significant other(s) I've just about cleared a whole Hour to run down, hand the man my papers, answer related questions while on the job and come back a week later to pick them up and pay my money! On the Positive end: I've already recieved my Federal Refund. On the Negative side: I'm really starting to feel like an Indentured Servant to the Government.