Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My "old" Partner, Tim, Enjoying an Empty Street -End of the Parade, St. Patrick's Day.
Well, now that I have done the march, following our Pipes & Drums, I can tell you-it's a Very long Walk! My knee is only now relaxing through the magic of Tylenol, rest and promising that next year, I'm going to be better prepared! Sorry I didn't get any pic of me but perhaps Tim will share (he's Good like that) If you'd like to know the Met is about 4 blocks down on the right. Next year, I also hope to get everyone who has the day off. We had about 150 but I think that 400+ folks were on their RDO-Regular Day Off so there's Room for Improvement. I might post a big bunch of pics on flickr but want to check with some folks first- No, I'm not putting up the "good" shots-they are for local consumption only. I'm Proudest of this pic as Tim is perfectly dressed and framed and it just works!


Gwen said...

Nice picture! That's Central Park on the right, yes? (say yes)

Anonymous said...

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