Thursday, March 06, 2008


After working a dull, if full week, tonight I'm going to the Met to see Gabriela Montero for the last time she will be anywhere nearby for at least a year! Slowly I'm sorting through things & I hope to get several things accomplished in the next day or two. I took Kitty to the city this morning, so she could get her Christmas present adjusted & to make a pilgrimage to Sahadi's in Brooklyn to go crazy-If you're ever there, ask Rob for a pound or two of his special blend coffee-if you like coffee at all, you'll like his!

I completed the Nominations process for the upcoming election. My favorite sentence was " "I'm a man with a Mission: to ensure that the elections process is Free, Fair, Open & Honest. I want you to be proud of your Union." Now comes all the Drudge work of writing everything down, contacting everyone, setting up the final process(es) checking & agreeing for the ballot printing and setting everything in Motion- kind of a Dance with tight deadlines and more than a few surprises .

Ever take on a Big job?

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