Friday, August 13, 2010

Working: What does a work ethic do?

     I like to say that my parents (in general) & my Father (in particular) raised me with a Work ethic, I show up to work almost every day, I don't call out sick if I'm not actually sick or hurt. I believe I've missed a sum total of about 2 weeks total on the last 9 years, that wasn't due to illness or circumstances beyond my control. I'm not a saint however. I do run late on a regular basis; usually due to the terrible region known as the George Washington Bridge, the Cross Bronx Expressway & the Major Deegan Expressway, none of which are guaranteed to be moving at any given time. When the Yankees are playing, it's mostly a Disaster Area!

     Many of the folks I work with do not share my ethic. Many call in without regard of how it will look or how it will affect the job. I have been known to benefit from this in the form of OT. I have also been stuck working with people who really didn't want to work with anyone other then their regular partner, as their "rhythm" gets messed up- whatever... I believe that a work ethic is the difference between an average and an Outstanding employee. The city however feels differently.  What do you think?


Bubblewench said...

I too believe in a strong work ethic. Having worked for a huge corporation the past few years has killed that. Not that I don't do my best and go above and beyond, but it seems that companies have become more concerned with end result (mostly with bottom line $)and could care less how they get there. A good employee is no longer rewarded for their commitment and/or loyalty. It's sad.

The City is just another big business.

Creative one said...

I totally agree. Good work ethic is totally under rated. I rarely have called out sick and have been with my company for about 5 years and most times its me who has to clean up after the sickly ones by working their hours. Being called in the middle of my sleep with their cries..I'm not feeling well, I have food poisoning..and this happens every month! I am sick of it and I stopped picking up the phone. I told my boss,..her boss and the head of HR. No one cares. We have unlimited sick days at my job. So, people said..if you can't beat them, join them..yeah, so I can become someone who no one likes? The CITY stinks..I never thought,. that I would have to be subjected to this laziness. Bottom line. Everyone is miserable at my firm and no one likes to come in.