Saturday, August 07, 2010

Blogher10: A 1st Timers' view

Well, the Ecological disaster in the gulf is supposedly contained, after 85 days. For those of you with a statistical bent, the amount of oil actually released into the gulf will never be known- BP will put out a number, but can you really believe a company that initially says that the release was 5,000 barrels per day, but upon looking at the camera feed was more in the range of 60,000 barrels per day; the amount is Enormous! Only Time will tell how badly we are all screwed- but make No Mistake, we are all Screwed!

I was able to attend a Very Small Part of Blogher10 in NYC. I thought I wouldn't be able to go at all, but then that particular weekend opened up for me & after asking several folks on Twitter ( I posted that I'd like to obtain a Cocktail ticket, with the intention of trying to meet some of the folks that post on Twitter. @justheather of came through with her husband's ticket(he couldn't attend) The following are some of my observations.

You really need to attend the whole conference! This Cannot be denied! I knew that there was a lot I might be interested in checking out, but the schedule is Extensive! I only saw things from the vantage point of someone on the edges. You gotta be In it to Win it,& There's a Lot of Great Stuff going on!

Be Sure to arrange to meetup with folks you follow/stalk/ are Twitter/Facebook buddies with. I'm not a guy who gets a lot of Social Anxiety- I work in a Ghetto & there are many occasions when I'm not in a familiar environment. That said, I didn't make any arrangements & when I showed up- I was Alone, in the middle of a crowd! I showed up after work at about 10:30pm on Friday night. Until I saw a post by @schmutzie at around 12:30 that indicated she was in the same bar & Direct Messaged her; The only person who spoke to me was the Bartender!
-By The Way- Big Hugs to @schmutzie,@palinode & @lod (laid off Dad) for being the Great Canadian Bloggers & people they are. I'm not sure if laidoffdad is a Canadian, but he's certainly in Good Company!

I showed up Saturday afternoon (Unfortunately, as soon as I thought I could go for the Whole weekend, I was Mandated by the job for Saturday evening& Night & Sunday evening & night, due to Call Volume) I walked around the art exhibit met the self-described "kissame mob"-
I then ran into @herbadmother & volunteered for Tutu duty for her son Tanner (tutusfortanner)
"Do I make you Horny? O.K. Nauseous, but it's a start..."

I ran into @sarcasticmomLC, who took this shot (I think) I wandered around for awhile, but, as expected for a guy dressed in a tutu, was alone again. My day considerably Improved after I went back to the bar & DM a few folks who were Twittering.

The Awesome @thecaffeinatrix came down for a drink & we hit it off. Apparently, she knows everybody! So all of a Sudden a lot of people came over to talk. I met @looneytunes, dead on her feet & the last person I met was someone I follow regularly: @borneochica, at around 1:30am She's a Great Writer and we exchanged some chit-chat. That made my night!

There are still some folks I would have loved to meet, but circumstances prevented it:
I know that using Twitter handles is Geeky, but that's how I know these folks!

It is also Weird that,I know things about many of these folks, but don't actually know them! I know for Instance, that @borneochica is vexed by a Wonky drier at home that she can't seem to get fixed. I know she likes to run & is very fit & while she speaks passable German, she's slowly learning the Swiss dialect. Yet,While I think we could have a sit down & a good conversation (a distinct pleasure in this world), I didn't feel like I should invite myself along when they (the women)went to get food (and I was also Tired & had a 45min. drive in front of me)

I picked up the car and drove out through the city streets, using my "Street eye" to pick out all the details, the hookers in the blocks around the Hustler Club, using their phones as a cover to scan the traffic, then smiling & beckoning, the restaurant workers sharing a cigarette (or a joint) out the kitchen door, the "rocks" scanning the area around the park for the Unwary,all a part of NYC.I have a lot of Unconventional knowledge, built up over time. I don't normally blog about it- perhaps I should. I am reticent to disclose other peoples' affairs. I think it's bad karma. but maybe I can work on changing enough of it to matter, while still holding the Truth clear. I'll let you know...

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