Thursday, April 01, 2010

Wyld Abandon!

The following is a comment I made on my Twitter Buddy Kris' site: Not a Girl not yet a Wino (See sidebar for the link) about the First Day of Spring (today) Tell me what you think.

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Spring! Yay! Watched out my back yard to where the neighbor’s 11 year old daughter had the time of her life swinging on the rope swing, yelling and laughing her head off! I wanted her to Own that moment; as we all do of Innocent Happiness & Wyld Abondon!

I should have done the Responsible thing, played the nasty old “Get off my Lawn, Kid!” but my heart isn’t in it at all. Youth is a precious time for each of us, all too short & many times frittered away & wasted.

I hope she keeps this Day Close, remembers how she felt, the Joy of being ALIVE!

Meanwhile, I sort through stuff I’m either Giving Away or going to list on EBay, taking another Tylonol for my Right knee, which, after a lifetime of lifting and carrying people is Stiff & Sore and Remembering a Day a lot like this when I was her age; with both Fondness & Sadness, ’cause Life is like That too.

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