Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blogger, Why do you make it SO Difficult to get any Help?

To those Brave few of you following me, you may have noticed that I stopped putting Headlines and different type on my Blog. This is NOT my Doing! this is the Hot Mess that is Blogger, who apparently decided one fine day that I somehow wasn't "Worthy" of such "luxuries" and just removed the settings, so I can't change type styles, size or much else...

I can't either find an answer to my question of how to fix this or even where to send a question! It isn't listed under "help" If I don't get some HELP with making this Blog work, I'm Jumping Ship & taking my Blog Elsewhere! Be Prepared if I announce this in the near Future. and, if by some MAJIC someone at Blogger sees this- I'd call my Boss over & Strongly Suggest he/she gets me some HELP ASAP!

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