Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why I'm not Hungry today...

( On a completely unrelated note: I really wish BLOGSPOT would fix the letter sizing button so I wouldn't have to Bold everything!!!)

I am completely not hungry today. I cannot ever remember a time that I have gone for more then a day without eating or feeling like I should eat. Perhaps that's the Norm for some, but not me; That is until I got a case of Extreme food poisoning!

I took my significant other to dinner at the Italian place her her job (she was on her dinner break) & we both had the same dish: Pasta with Bolognaise (meat) sauce. we both asked for & got roasted Garlic included. She ate about half her dinner and we doggie-bagged the rest so I wouldn't have to buy dinner the next day. I put the leftovers in the fridge & took it to work & had it for dinner. Boy was that a Mistake!!!

The next morning, I felt queasy when I got up. I remained in bed for 2-3 hours, sleeping fitfully. I got up to use the bathroom & preceded to vomit up about half of the dinner I consumed 14-16 hours before! I took an Imodium & returned to bed, until I had to get up for work. I really try not to call in sick & thought (Wrongly) that because of the extra rest, I would feel better when I started moving.

I got to work & less then 15 minutes later, managed to vomit all over the desk I had sat down at to await my partner! I signed out & went home, called my doctor and returned to bed. 3 hours later I awoke, achy chilled even under the blanket & shivering. I drove myself to the ER. The high point was when the registration clerk wouldn't get the Triage nurse until I had gotten my insurance cards out. I vomited into the nearest garbage can, clearing the Entire waiting Room (Yes, I am That Awesome) & said to her "I told you I was sick" I had an ER bed less than 1 minute later!

Tests & X-Rays later, I got the IV & meds that fixed me up, right as Rain! I slept soundly and have been symptom- free since. But, Not Hungry. I can't remember the last time I had Food Poisoning- never this bad!

Have you gotten this sick recently?

BTW: Kitty also got sick as well, so I know it was the food- she didn't have as severe symptoms but then again, she didn't eat as much.


Le laquet said...

Ewww! That was probably too much information for me - hope you are well and truly on the mend.

Here to mingle!

Tiffany Anne said...

Oh my gosh. You poor thing! Eeeeww food poisoning is no fun at all but I've never been that sick in my whole life. (*knock on wood* and I hope I never am.) I'm glad you're feeling better, though! I'm here from the Monthly Mingle

Vicki said...

Never had food poisoning, but my friend did. It's Na-Ste!
Hope you're all better!

I be mingling!

Laane said...

I've went through about the same after drinking water at a well in Germany.
Never should have done that.

I never went to the ER, but stayed vomiting and the rest.
There was a very large bathroom and no other guests at the level of the hotel, so I stayed there.

It was terrible.

Last week I went ill again after eating the same as you. The sauce was to be added to the meat while cooking. It was bottled. Perfect brand... but not for me.

I know that immodium can cause loss of appetite for a couple of days.

I hope you feel better soon.


Vanessa said...

Know what I hate about food poisoning? As you are sicker than a dog, everyone feels the need to ask (thus reminding you) "What did you eat?"

Bev Sykes said...

Since this entry was written a week ago, I sincerely hope you are better now, but oh my does that sound awful!

(Mingling a bit late!)

The Governor said...

Wow, what a nightmare. Here's hoping you're better now!