Sunday, February 08, 2009


WOW! I've never had this many folks reading my blog! This mingling stuff works! Now if only I don't get laid off... but I guess Time will tell.

I went to PA to work with my watch/clock guy & was happy to work but kind of disturbed to see that the city he is in (York, Pa- where they make the barbells) has a real & ongoing problem with drugs (Crack) & it's always attendant problem, prostitution. To say the locals are disturbed is putting it mildly. The Mayor & council seem not to want to take any action but it's not going to take very long before the Taxpayers are going to run out of patience with their ineptitude and demand they do something!That and the number of half-way houses that are around.

York is a beautiful, clean city within easy distance of Baltimore, MD and has a lot of Gorgeous building stock- Stop by & take a look- I am impressed & I think you will be too! I'd move there if I didn't have to work for NYC but the commute... I'm sure that they will fix it an it will get big when folks discover it's Obvious charms.


Sockpuppet said...

Nice to meet you. I'm signed on to the mingle too...

Good luck at work we're feeling the crunch here in VA too. (different lines of work, same crunch)

Anonymous said...

Hope you don't get laid off!

I'm here from Let's Mingle!!!

Stargirl said...

Hi! I found your blog through the Mingle, too! What a neat idea, huh? Just thought I would let you know that you've got ANOTHER reader! :-)