Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The curse of the Digital Camera.

I will be posting pictures of the EMS Memorial and Bike Ride but they won't be mine. Somehow, my digital camera decided to re-format my card at some point during the weekend, so I lost All my beautiful pictures! I'm counting on a couple of other folks there to send me their pics. I had a Great time, made some new friends and bought a watch. I really do enjoy sleeping in my own bed however. Roanoke is a beautiful typically American Small town., but a good 40-50% of it's downtown is dead and has remained so for the past few years'. A drive through it's centre square will show you at least a dozen Large and many more smaller buildings Empty from floor to ceiling. They don't even post available signs. The public seems resigned to this state of affairs.

That the city of Roanoke could say to the EMS community that it can't seem to find a permanent home for the Memorial, forcing the National Board to look elsewhere while this is happening is SHAMEFUL!!! they seem happy enough to take our money when we show up each year, and my guess is that we pump about 1/2 a million + into the local economy that weekend. Well, their shortsightedness is forcing the Memorial to move elsewhere. For my sake, I hope it's Washington,D.C.


Anonymous said...

That sucks about your camera, man. It's like it had a mind of its own.

WildbillthePirate said...

Or (far More Likely)I'm a big Doofus and hit the wrong button(s) That shows me for not throughly reading the Manual!

Gwen said...

Manuals are for ... women. :)

At least the digital age makes borrowing someone else's pictures a lot easier.