Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 Things I have done (&might do again) naked

I was delivered more or less normally (another post about this later)

I swam in the pond by my house with the neighborhood kids.

I ran through my high school in my Senior year.

I often cook breakfast & make Coffee (BTW Please try to Call before visiting!)

I have sat in a tree with an unclothed female in a backyard in Pennsylvania overlooking a Road.

I secured & wrapped plastic around that females' Ostomy bag, so she, for the first time since her surgery, could go swimming.

I have stood on top of a Local mountain, feeling the cool wind flow over me.

I stood in my shower alone,for the first time after open heart surgery, gently probing the scar on my chest, wondering how long it is all going to last.

I have held a Lover in my arms, laughing & exausted.

I have had the warm summer rain wash my skin & rubbed fresh peppermint leaves on my body.

I made love in a mountain stream, standing tippitoe on the Rocks by the Deep end.

I hope you have done at least as much (or a Lot more) :-)

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Belle said...

I love this post. Lots of fun things to do naked!