Monday, November 29, 2010


     I attended the Memorial service of a Quaker friend I've known for years'. Everyone was reminding each other of what a Great, Intelligent, Compassionate he was ( all True!) In a world where the word Gentleman is used interchangable with Sir (I never did figure out why) he really was a Gentleman of Excellent Taste, Intelligence, Wit and Modesty. I was sitting, contemplating Life & Death when I remembered something I heard about Einstein's Theory of Relativity: Time itself is Not an Ever Present Force- it is, in fact an effect! The faster you move, (I'm not talking moving your arms/legs etc...) in relation to the speed of Light (186,000 miles per Second, squared) the slower time is for you. That got me thinking.

     If Time is an effect (Perhaps of Gravity, Motion, Who knows ???) then There is a place where everything IS: You as a baby, you, playing with your friends, You, playing football in High School, You in College, You in Love on Your Wedding Day,Your first day on the Job, Your Promotions, You, raising your children, You, Retiring, You, sitting alone in an empty house, You, dying. All together. Birth through Death. We are Born, We live and We Die. So it goes, on & on. Newton taught us that: You cannot Create, nor Destroy Anything- you can only change it's Form. I don't know the Implications of all this Drivel, so I'll leave it there, for the Moment.

     I know that I will die one day. I don't know when that will be, but it's Coming. It is the Same for All of us. Kinda Depressing? Maybe. but True Nonetheless. I don't feel afraid of death, as so many others seem to be. Perhaps it's my Life Experience: I've seen all kinds of Death, up close & Personal. My job has been to keep folks alive until we can bring them to a place where they might Cheat Death-for a while, at least. For me, it's Important that I try to live a life of Honesty, Hard Work & Laughter, using Ethics, a Moral Sense & Responsibility as Guideposts. Hereafter? Don't Know. but I feel that by being True to myself & my fellow Creatures (Human & Otherwise) I'll be OK. How about You? Damn, if I know this is Deep, but can't help it- I was thinking about different aspects last night until I fell asleep.

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Belle said...

A professor once told me that there is no time in heaven. It is like being on top of a mountain and looking down 360 degrees. At one point in the view it is 1856, another place is 1990 and so on.

I believe in the afterlife. I believe I will be in heaven with God and Jesus because I believe what Jesus said, "This is eternal life, that they know you, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent." And, I believe because of what Paul said, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved."
I believe.