Tuesday, March 02, 2010

On Trusting Folks...

A while back, a "friend" came by and asked to borrow a couple of Tools I had. I gave them to him and asked that he return them when he was finished. About a week ago, someone else was discussing the Great deal he just got on some Tools & proceeded to show me 2 of my own tools! I know they are my tools because I have my license number engraved in them (I do that with ALL my tools) I explained the situation and bought both my tools back (after all, why should anyone be out money they paid for tools when they didn't know they were Stolen?)

I called my "friend" up & asked him to return my tools. He said he "didn't know where he had put them and he would return them to me as soon as he had located them." I told him I know where he put them- On Sale & that I wanted the last tool he had back the next day, No Excuses! Well, 3 days passed & I heard nothing from him & I finally left a message that, unless he returned the Tool, I was calling the Cops-THAT worked! He came back with the tool & I told him not to bother calling or coming around anymore. If I can't Trust you-You're Gone! Apologies only go so far, then they are just Words to try to Manipulate you. I'm Tired of Manipulation!

What would You have done? Do you Agree?

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Anonymous said...

Shit yeah I would have done that! Tools are expensive! That's just so disappointing.