Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas. The Sequel.

So, I worked all christmas in order to give a Young EMT time with her new fiance & family (You can only be Young & in Love once) & she is supposed to repay me by working today. I've made plans to spend the morning with kitty, opening the Presents I have been studiously ignoring on my Coffee table, then going upstate to see my BFF Vicki and give her daughter her Christmas gifts I was told she will go wild over- Personally, I never saw the allure of Hannah Montana, but then again, I'm nowhere near young. The only person I didn't get anything for is Mom, but only because I take her out on a regular basis & make sure she wants for nothing.

I know the Economic Crisis is affecting many Folks, both here & around the World. We put our Trust in (Supposedly) Better educated & Savvy individuals and are now paying the Price for that mistake. There are just as many Thieves, Liars & Cheats among the Educated Class (maybe even more) than there is in the population as a whole. Your future really is in your own hands, at least as far as financial is concerned. Imaging if this country had actually bought into Bush's plan to invest part of Social Security in the Stock Market?

What about OIL? Before this whole business happened, didn't all the "experts" say that the World demand was driving up the price? Where did the "World Demand" go? Did China & India & Japan really stop needing OIL? OR WAS IT ALL A BIG SHELL GAME, DESIGNED, PLANNED & EXECUTED BY BIG OIL, THIS GOVERNMENT & IT'S OIL MEN IN OFFICE IN CAHOOTS WITH THE OIL PRODUCING NATIONS? Oil is now trading at just over $34/barrel- that means gas should be selling at approx. $ .94/Gallon? Why isn't it? Why is home heating oil still at it's Highest prices ever? I'll tell you why since no one else will- THE OIL COMPANIES ARE STILL RIPPING US OFF & GEORGE BUSH & THIS GOVERNMENT IS STILL PROTECTING THEM! Notice you don't hear either Democrats or Republicans calling the companies to task now & Now is when they NEED to be called on their Ripping off the Public!!! Let me know what you think, if you want.

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