Sunday, September 07, 2008

Henry "Hank" Eck, Requiescat In Pace

Hank Eck, along with his son Ken, were the Friday crew for S.O.A.C., my volunteer corps for I believe the better part of Five years. Hank and I were the day tour and his son would take over in the evening I rode from 7am to midnight. Hank had retired from the Phone company and in addition to having been the Chief of the local fire department, he was active in his retirees association (the Pioneers), the ambulance and other groups. He was a tall, Funny and Hard Working guy who cared about people & was ( and still is) My Inspiration for what it is to be a Great Partner! He passed away yesterday at age 82. Words are insufficient to describe my sense of Loss.

Decency is all too Overlooked. Hank was a Decent man, concerned with the welfare of others and always ready to lend a hand. When there was Trouble-there was Hank! Humility is Disparaged. Hank was self effacing. Manners are almost missing in public today. Hank really was a Gentleman. It wasn't an act, like it seems to be for so many others. He will be Missed.


Anonymous said...

rest . in . peace

Andrew Dark said...

Sorry to hear about this. Special people are so seldom in our lives but their soul-print last for the rest of it. Love and a hug Andrew