Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hey! Get your hands out of my Pants!

So, following a grueling week of working like a nut, I decided It was a bit too much work to (get up at 5am & drive 4 hours) to go see my sensei - we have a date monday anyway and spent yesterday visiting friends, going Garage sailing ( yes, i know-saleing- it just doesn't look right) and relaxing. I scored a bunch of stuff-it's still sitting in my car mostly cause I came home, expecting to go back out & see a movie but decided to finish a book I had started but didn't complete (Small Favor by Jim butcher) Escapist- Yes, but along with the other reading it's like candy for the mind.

I'd love to comment about all the other stuff swirling around me these days, I've been a busy bee and there's a lot to talk about if I could, but unfortunately it is Premature to talk about Litigation prior to my filing it. Let's just leave it at: I'm living an Interesting life- hopefully I won't have to but you all know the name of that tune. The Union locals' elections process went well and that brings a smile to my face as so many can't get it Right as evidenced by all the newspaper articles.

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Clara said...

Hey, I love the term garage sailing. It fits as you sail from garage to garage.

And if you wanted to be anal about it, wouldn't be garage sale shopping?

BTW, I like your comments on That's My Answer! I saw your name enough that I finally followed your link.